typical day​​

8:00 AM - Check-in/Table Activities

8:50 AM – Transition/Wash Hands/Toilet

9:00 AM – Morning Circle/Music

9:15 AM - Snack

9:45 AM – Project/Activity/Small Groups

10:15 AM – Choice Time

10:45 AM - Transition/Wash Hands/Toilet

10:50 AM - Gross Motor/Movement/Outdoors

11:25 AM – Transition/Wash Hands/Toilet

11:30 AM – Lunch

12:00 PM – Afternoon Pick-up/Free Play

12:30 PM – Transition/Wash Hands/Toilet

12:45 PM – Story time

1:00 PM - Nap/Rest

2:00 PM – Quiet Activity (for non-nappers)

2:45 PM – Transition/Wash Hands/Toilet

3:00 PM - Afternoon snack

3:15 PM – Song/Dance/Outdoor Play

4:00 PM – Pick-Up/After School Care

​4:15 PM - Extra Curricular Activity

6:00 PM - Closed

about the program

We offer a full-day program with extended care options. 

8:00AM-8:30PM - School Drop off

11:30PM-12:00PM- Lunch

3:30PM-4:00PM- School Pick-Up 

4:00PM-6:00PM- Extended Care

​4:15PM-5:15PM- Extra Curricular Activities

Please Call for tuition rates

I know you have many choices for childcare and education and after much exploration I know you will see the passion and joy for teaching and working with kids that embodies my heart and soul. Change can be challenging for a child, so routine and comfort are very important to their growth and development. An at- home preschool provides the comfort and familiarity for a young child that is transitioning from at-home care to the classroom. I welcome you to my home, my school, my world.