Preschool is the FOUNDATION of your child's education

Preschool Program

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Our Preschool Program encourages kiddos ages 2-5 to become life-long learners through engaging activities and environments. The teachers set the environment with themes the kiddos have expressed interest in, along with music, cooking, yoga, art, language, science, and more. The theme promotes open ended projects that coordinate to further their curiosity and exploration. At the same time, we instill life-long social skills such as sharing, turn-taking, and empathy by helping the young kiddos learn to identify their emotions and express their feelings in a clear and respectful way. Our kiddos graduate from our preschool with the excitement to learn and the compassion for others. The Preschool Program schedule has the option of 5 days, 3 days (M/W/F), or 2 days (T/Th). 

Typical Day 

8:00 AM - Sign-in/Table Activities

8:50 AM – Transition/Wash Hands/Toilet

9:00 AM – Morning Circle/Music

9:15 AM - Snack

9:45 AM – Project/Activity/Small Groups

10:15 AM – Choice Time

10:45 AM - Transition/Wash Hands/Toilet

10:50 AM - Gross Motor/Movement/Outdoors

11:25 AM – Transition/Wash Hands/Toilet

11:30 AM – Lunch 

12:00 PM – Afternoon Outdoor Free Play

12:30 PM – Transition/Wash Hands/Toilet

12:45 PM – Story time

1:00 PM - Nap/Rest

1:30 PM – Quiet Activities (for non-nappers)

2:45 PM – Transition/Wash Hands/Toilet

3:00 PM - Afternoon snack

3:15 PM – Song/Dance/Outdoor Play

4:00 PM – Pick-Up

​4:15 PM - Extra Curricular Activity

5:30 PM - Closed​